Types of Orthodontic Braces Dr. Ardy Hakhamian. Omid Dental Office. General, Cosmetic, Restorative Dentistry. Dental office in South Gate 90280Are you considering getting braces but are unsure about the best type? In Fort Wayne, Indiana, we have many different types of orthodontic braces. You can select from any of our available braces, including clear aligners, classic metal braces, and more. Call OMI Orthodontics today to get started!


The Types of Orthodontic Braces We Offer

You or your child needs braces, and we can’t wait to help you on this excellent path to straighter teeth. 

Patients can choose from four different types of braces, and we want to ensure you are aware of their distinctions. They are all intended to improve the functionality of the bite and teeth alignment. No matter your orthodontic need, we have a suitable type of braces for you!


Traditional Metal Braces

Anyone of any age can benefit from metal braces. They are the most common type of braces. High-quality stainless steel, which is exceptionally sturdy and effective in helping to straighten the teeth, is used to make these braces. For moderate to severe orthodontic needs, we advise metal braces.

Metal braces have a straightforward placement procedure. The metal braces are bonded to each tooth. We carefully adjust the archwire that passes through each bracket, helping to guide the teeth in the intended direction gently. 

These new and improved metal braces are smaller and more aesthetically pleasing than prior models of metal braces. For a more distinctive appearance, many of our patients like that we can assist them in choosing the color of the rubber bands that attach to the brackets.

Metal braces typically take 18 to 24 months to create your ideal smile. 


Ceramic Braces

Adults who seek more discrete treatment may find ceramic braces more appealing than metal ones. Ceramic braces are constructed from translucent materials that complement the color of your teeth. Ceramic braces have the same purpose and design as metal braces but are less obvious because they are clear brackets. 

The same techniques used for metal braces are used to place and adjust ceramic braces. The type of brackets used is the only distinction. Like metal braces, ceramic braces usually take 18 to 24 months to complete treatment. 


Clear Aligners

Clear aligners might be an excellent choice for you if you want straighter teeth but don’t want to appear to have braces. They are an almost undetectable method of tooth alignment. These aligners are created just for your smile from specially formulated,clear plastic. Your teeth will gradually migrate into the desired position with the help of the aligners.

The aligners are constructed of an advanced, BPA-free smooth plastic that is easy to wear. Additionally, they are removable, allowing you to eat and drink whatever you want without worrying about your braces becoming damaged. 

As you proceed with this course of treatment, we will provide you with progressing sets of clear aligners. Your teeth are gradually guided toward the orthodontic goal by each aligner. When your teeth have moved past the point where the old aligner is no longer effective, you’ll put on a new one to continue your progress.

Clear aligners typically require a treatment duration of 18 to 24 months, followed by a retention phase.


Lingual Braces

Metal brackets and wires make up lingual braces. However, they adhere to the back of your teeth rather than the front. This also means very discrete treatment since the braces are hidden behind your teeth. No one will even know that you have braces. However, they aren’t typically meant to treat severe orthodontic misalignment.


Orthodontic Braces in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Call or visit us to explore your orthodontic braces options if you or a child needs braces. Our staff loves helping patients gain stunning smiles with straight, healthy teeth. 

We’re confident we can provide your ideal braces to match your orthodontic needs and price range.

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